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Launching January 2021

We're fixing what's broken in the standard tech hiring process. We're building relationships, tools and content. We're focused on building tools to showcase great employers, and help developers find them.

Chasing Squirrels Podcast

Our Chasing Squirrel podcast exists to help developers find employers with great teams, cultures and hiring managers. Podcast FAQs

  • Several NEW episodes every week with a new and interesting employer looking for your skillset
  • Get insight into the company culture and the interview process
  • Save dozens of hours searching job boards
  • Hear from the team you'd join about their technologies and tools
  • Passively listen to opportunities you qualify for TODAY!
  • Get insight on the work and projects themselves

Want to apply?

Employers: Schedule a Podcast

Setup a meeting with me, we'll catch each other on Zoom. I'll record our conversation (audio) and we can talk about your company's history, culture and future. I'll ask about the job listing, and we'll make it fun.

A Message to Golden Squirrels

Dear Developer,

We're going to help you find a place that you actually want to work, a place that you'd like to stay a while, where you're going to grow, be appreciated and well compensated. We'll help you with career strategy, negotiations and first: we'll polish that resume.

In the past, recruiters found talent for employers. That model is backwards. We're focused on talent, and finding employers for them. We help talent look good, grow and find the right employer with the right salary. We also work directly with employers to avoid painful and inefficient hire flows.

We're changing the game with years of experience with many, many tech companies, HR teams, hiring managers & tech industry leaders. Join our network--we love networking, technology and learning.

Jeff Winkler

Developers, join the waiting list to get the inside look at employers--what they value, and how they align with what you're looking for.