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Ensure the salary, benefits and values you’re looking for in your next role match it before your next interview. We’ve built tools to showcase great tech companies, and help them apply to you. Your job search just got a whole lot easier.

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  1. Create a FREE profile and get a FREE Personal Career Coach to guide you. We’ll even update your resume for you because you’d rather be building software than worrying about re-writing a resume that beats the ATS system.
  2. Chillax. Companies apply to you and then you decide if the process moves forward. Peek behind the curtain to see the exclusive insights BEFORE moving to the next step.
  3. Interview. Interview with your mind at ease, with the big questions already answered for you.


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Create a free profile for your job requirements and what it would require an employer to start a conversation with you. Then, when we find an employer that matches your criteria, your Career Coach will give you the option of connecting with them. This is how you can passively entertain offers.

If no employer currently fits what you’re currently looking for, keep crushing it and sleep well knowing you aren’t missing out on your dream job and salary!

 Come join other Golden Squirrels in the trust tree. As a member, here’s what you’ll get exclusive access to inside.

  • Exclusive Interviews with the hiring manager you’d be working with.
  • Health, Vision, Dental? What about a dress code? Can you bring your dog? Do they match my 401k? We’ve got it ALL covered for you!
  • We’ll search 400+ job boards to look for current open positions with the companies that are the best fit for you.
  • Ok—let’s say you decide to interview, how many rounds of interviews are there? What's the structure? Who will you be meeting with? Is there a code test? We have this information as well so you can prepare for the job, not the interview.
  • What does the company do and what is it that they are working on?

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Hiring is hard. Recruiting is a headache. Finding the right candidates isn’t easy for employers and job seekers could do without the long application process.

There are tons of job boards out there that make it difficult to find the right candidates, as well as a tedious and time-consuming process for employers to go through when they apply to a job. Recruiters are also over-stretched, working in silos where the competition for talent is fierce!

Golden Squirrel provides a transparent marketplace where developers can browse transparent listings and apply at lightning speed in just one click. Employers pay us, we pay developers—no pain, no gain!

We help with our virtual water cooler where talent can meet employers, and not just skimming resumes or job posts--we’ve created the kind of place where talented people can get engaged, and where established businesses can connect with up-and-comers on a deeper level than traditional recruitment ever could.

Employers, reach out to Jeff on his profile.

Chasing Squirrels Podcast

Our Chasing Squirrel podcast exists to help developers find employers with great teams, cultures and hiring managers.

  • Several NEW episodes every week with a new and interesting employer looking for your skillset
  • Get insight into the company culture and the interview process
  • Save dozens of hours searching job boards
  • Hear from the team you'd join about their technologies and tools
  • Passively listen to opportunities you qualify for TODAY!
  • Get insight on the work and projects themselves