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Mindera has been telecommuting since March 16th. All employees are working from home, and we send to those that need: monitors, chairs, tables, and other necessary equipment. We are launching mental health initiatives to support this challenging quarantine phase. Some projects were suspended/reduced by clients, but all people were relocated to other projects; and we continue to hire to address existing and new customer projects. We are paying 100% to parents with children in their care, regardless of the days and/or hours worked. During this period, the meal allowance is paid 100%, regardless of the days worked (with the exception of vacation days). The financial forecast gives us confidence that 2020 will be a positive year, despite some drop in revenue due to the global economic situation. We are not foreseeing firing or layoffs during 2020. We decided to suspend salary increases, as a precautionary measure in view of the uncertainty and instability that we are going through: we are focusing on the company's sustainability during this period, and trying to manage the cash flow in the best way. We hope in the near future to return to this point by observing economic and social factors as they progress.
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