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Podcast FAQs: Chasing Squirrels

What's in it for me?

Exposure to hundreds of developers about your unique culture and a chance to showcase why every dev should want to work there! We will provide you with an IG video and a Spotify/Apple Podcast link that you can also attach to your job post to differentiate yourself when devs are looking through your posting(s).

Why am I doing the podcast?

I developed a passion for helping people learn how to code and started a code school about 5 years ago and as a result got about 150 students trained and out in the marketplace. I had to close the business due to the regulatory environment but am still close with all the students and now they have 5+ years of experience. They always complain about job posts now giving them enough insight into a company so I thought I'd just interview companies to get insight for them and do it for free to just help the ecosystem.

Who is the audience?

Having run a coding bootcamp for almost 5 years, almost my entire network is developers and engineering managers, which is who I push out the podcast episodes to via LinkedIn afterwards, you can checkout out my page for examples.

  • 20% developers < 2 years experience
  • 20% developers 2 - 5 years experience
  • 60% developers 5+ years of experience
When will it be published?

Somewhere between 24-72 hours of us recording it since it's time senstive that you increase the top of your hiring funnel immediately.